Playing vital role in medical sector by helping patient move from and to hospital ambulance or Emergency Medical Services (EMS) has become live savers to many.

Ambulance is also known as paramedic services as they provide crucial pre-hospital treatment and helps stabilising the conditions of critical patients till they are transported to hospital. Speedy and around – the – clock working ambulance services are basic necessities in this pandemic.

Ambulance services in Sector 15 Chandigarh are well equipped and have all the necessary things available for emergency medications.  The ambulances here have ventilators and exploring ICU installed in them and receives you at your door steps accordingly.

Ambulance Service in Sector 15 Sector is creating a huge difference by making its journey to all the places in Chandigarh which has emergency physicians trained to handle all types of emergency situations and provide necessary emergency treatment.

24/7 Ventilator Ambulance Service is known for its punctuality, quick responses, wide ambulance network, 24/7 availability and untroubled service bookings. Creating a vast network by providing the services efficiently is a role of ambulance services.

Ambulance services are the first contact with the patient in critical health and the emergency medications decides the chances of severity of patient’s health. Ventilators helps a lot when it comes to critical situations of patients, it pumps oxygen rich air into the lungs and helps in removing carbon dioxide which is harmful for humans. ICU Ambulances or exploring ICU’s in ambulances is designed for the patients who are facing high risk of life or are in life threatening situations.

Life threatening situations are faced by thousands of people in a day and some even lose their lives due to delay or ineffective emergency medical services. Emergency medications are the primary step which decides the following severity of the treatment.