Ambulance service in sector 22 Chandigarh provides the best medical assistance and healthcare facilities ambulance service in sector 22 Chandigarh is the ultimate primary healthcare facility. The medical services vary largely based on their type, size, and location. Most ambulance service in sector 22 Chandigarh has a wide range of units to improve health and save lives and provide non-intensive care and intensive care.

Along with this, the non-intensive unit deals with rehabilitation, surgeries, childbirth for patients, etc., whereas ambulance service in sector 22 Chandigarh deals with emergencies like serious injuries, life-threatening illnesses like heart attack, cancer, etc. Hospitals are home to various types of doctors, medical specialists, surgeons, and other medical staff that help in diagnosing disease and providing expert medical and surgical treatment to patients also.

What are the different types of hospitals located?
The types of hospitals in India can be classified in two ways. One as per the medical system and the second, based on objective or purpose as well.

According to the medical system, hospitals are divided into:
• Allopathic hospitals
• Ayurvedic hospitals
• Homeopathic hospitals
• Unani hospitals
• Others

According to the objective, or service offered, hospitals are also divided into:
• Teaching-cum-research hospitals
• General hospitals
• Special hospitals

Based on the above two types, hospitals are further divided into:

Government HospitalsAmbulance service in sector 22 Chandigarh has, is maintained, funded, and operated by the government also. Public hospitals provide medical services to patients for free and generate the operational costs of running the hospital from taxpayer’s money also. Patients visiting government hospitals are either not charged or asked for vary minimal charges for pathology tests, bed, medicine, operation, etc.

Primary Health Center– Primary health care centers are organizations that have a whole-of-society approach for providing healthcare facilities, keeping in mind the needs and preferences of individuals, families, and communities also. The main motive of primary health care centers in Chandigarh is to provide constant and wide-ranging healthcare facilities to patients as well.

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