Cardiac ambulances: Heart diseases and emergencies for heart patients are emergencies that need quick action and medical support which is why there are specific cardiac ambulances for such situations as well. Cardiac ambulances are stocked with ECG monitors, oxygen, ventilators, etc.

Situations when ambulance services in Chandigarh come to rescue by ambulance service in sector 55 Mohali.

There are different situations when one needs to call Chandigarh Sector 32, Chandigarh ambulance services as well.

The emergency ambulance number in India is 102. Given below are a few such scenarios also

  1. Accidents: May it be a bathroom fall or a road mishap, the people injured because of accidents need to be taken to the hospital at the earliest also. Accidents can be minor as well as major depending on various factors as well.
  2. Heart patients: Most patients who suffer from heart conditions require to be transferred to the hospital at the earliest as well. Conveying a heart patient to the emergency clinic without anyone else can be a significant misstep as they need medical aid and clinical assistance in a hurry which is conceivable inside a rescue vehicle moreover.
  3. Epilepsy: Epilepsy causes seizures. It’s a brain condition that may lead to huge destruction if not provided with proper help in time as well. Ambulance paramedics help in handling these patients with the best care before reaching the hospital by ambulance service in sector 55 Mohali.
  4. Panic attacks: Palpitation, breathlessness, stress, etc. are some of the signs of a panic attack. Although minor panic attacks can be handled at home, it is always better to consult the nearest doctor at the earliest with the help of ambulance service in sector 55 Mohali.

Facilities available inside an ambulance:

Emergency kit: These are pouches with advanced medical tools and equipment that can be used in the time of medical emergency to help stabilize the patient is there.

Oxygen cylinder: In case of medical emergencies, most patients have breathing issues which are when oxygen cylinders come in handy as well.

Paramedics: Medical staff accessible inside ambulances are called paramedics. These paramedics are prepared for dealing with patients, all things considered, requiring and various sorts of clinical assistance.

Heart monitor: Sometimes patients need heart monitors to help monitor their condition. There are separate ambulances that are equipped with such intense equipment also by the ambulance service in sector 55 Mohali.