Severity of a person’s condition depends upon the primary emergency treatment they are given by the EMS (Emergency Medical Services). These services are also called Ambulance services who has first contact with the patients and provide them with the emergency services.

Emergency treatment can be said as the commencement of a patient’s treatment. It has a very huge impact on a person’s further treatment as the situation get critical in case of delayed or inefficient treatment.

Ambulance Service in Sector 56 Mohali has ventilators and ICU installed in them in case of a life threatening problems with the patients. Not many ambulances have this facility if ICU and Ventilators as they are a little bit more expensive than simple ambulance.

The primary task of an ambulance is to transport the patient to the hospital timely but it is not its only task, they are authorised to provide the primary medical treatment to the patient. The Ambulance Services in Sector 56 Mohali has emergency physicians which are trained to for all type emergency situations and has knowledge of the medications in critical situations.

Normally the physicians in ambulance services co-ordinate with the doctor’s command if the situation of the patient is severe and the medications should be given tactfully. Such cases which poses life threatening condition of the patient has to be transported to the hospital quickly.

24/7 Ventilator ambulance services provide quick and around the clock services to the patient. It is totally easy to book and have a wide network or ambulances covering the whole city.

These ambulances are well equipped with highest technology and manned with highly trained physicians for speedy and necessary treatment.