The ambulance service is very important in emergency medicine for everyone. The aim of this study was to investigate the new governing situation of private ambulance service and to propose some new ideas as well. We examine the new governing statutes of private ambulance service, rules of patient transported between the hospitals, and reports written by Gurdeep ambulance drivers. It is very true that Gurdeep ambulance drivers have a lot of problems especially with the rules of patient transport between the hospitals by ambulance service in sector 63 Mohali.

Gurdeep ambulance is necessary to manage all the ambulance services in one center; all the private ambulance services have to have a specialist and all these must be determinate by the special rules. Keywords: Regulation of private ambulance, emergency head maintenance, ambulance services.

There is an increasing need to assess the performance of emergency ambulance services using measures other than the time taken for an ambulance to arrive on scene at the ambulance service in sector 63 Mohali. In accordance with government strategy, patients and carers can assist with molding new proportions of emergency vehicle administration execution according to the standards and guidelines. To explore the parts of crisis rescue vehicle administration care esteemed by clients too.

There are various kinds of ambulance services, one of them being by air, where an aircraft arrives at the particular destination to pick up the patient in times of emergencies also by various ambulance service in sector 63 Mohali. Ambulance service is usually asked for in times of sudden loss of hearing, eyesight, or an accident. The cost of an ambulance depends on the type of vehicle and level of urgency as well by ambulance service in sector 63 Mohali.