Patient transport vehicle: These are ambulances for transporting patients from one place to another with all basic requirements for ambulance service in sector 69 Mohali. Patient transport ambulances usually have a patient’s bed, and other medical devices also.

Mortuary ambulance: Mortuary ambulances also help in taking the deceased from or to the hospital. These ambulance services can also be availed 24*7 like any other 24*7 ambulance service in sector 69 Mohali.

Facilities available inside ambulance:

Jump bag: A jump bag is used for carrying medical supplies like basic life support as well, trauma kits, bandages, medicines, syringes, etc. Jump bags are bigger than first aid boxes and have many pouches for organizing various supplies also.

Paramedics: Technicians who are trained in medical emergencies who can operate medical equipment in time of emergency in an ambulance are called paramedics also. The basic job of paramedic staff is to stabilize the patient while taking them to the hospital at the ambulance service in sector 69 Mohali.

Medication bag: Certain pain-relieving and life-saving medications are carried by the paramedics available in the ambulance also. Medication bag usually includes anesthetics, anti-seizure medication, salbutamol, etc.

Ambulance service is usually asked for in times of sudden loss of hearing, eyesight, or an accident as well. The cost of an ambulance depends on the type of vehicle and level of urgency by ambulance service in sector 69 Mohali. The Gurdeep ambulance service sometimes sends an ambulance with an ICU facility and for pets even, depending on the current situation also. Booking an ambulance not only saves time on traveling via a personal vehicle but also increases the chances of a patient’s recovery as well. As modes of payment, most of them accept cash and all kinds of cards from their patients. Scroll up to select from the exhaustive range of ambulance services in ambulance service in sector 69 Mohali.